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Dora Lewis

The Science of Music in Casinos

The Effects Of Music And Casino Lights

The concepts of music and online casino have been around for a while, although music has been around for as long as you can remember. However, combining the two and playing music on an online casino was only born some time ago. However, this is still at the stage of project vaguely developed, so we will focus on the music in land casinos (unlike online casinos), as well as its effects on the atmosphere, the behavior of gamblers, croupiers, etc. Apart from that, we will also focus on the light in the physical gambling establishments. Of course, when we talk about light, we focus on the various aspects of lighting and its effects on the betting public.

Music on an online casino: still at the project stage

In fact, on an online casino, the prevailing music and atmosphere is completely different from that of a land-based establishment. On the internet, the player does not have to find himself in a welcoming environment before being motivated to play, as he is comfortably seated on his couch at home. Instead, the emphasis has been on each game, to give the player the feeling that they are having as much fun as they can while trying to make money. It is in this vein that many game developers have begun to integrate themes and specific sound effects into their productions. For example, online slots like NetEnt’s Jimmy Hendrix, IGT’s Dolly Parton and Betsoft’s Rockstar feature sound effects inspired by the game’s theme. So the music is an incentive to bet.

Effects of music on the betting public

“Music softens manners”, but according to some research done by eminent researchers, the usefulness of music would go much further, and the field of application that we are interested in here is obviously that of casinos. Also, since we have already determined the status of music on an online casino, we will focus on the effects it will have in a physical establishment. We will see which type of Music offers the best possible result as well as the kind of sounds that are best avoided in various contexts.

Sweet music

As you probably know, soft music is characterized by a slow rhythm and a generally light tone. It is recommended for those who want to relax or not think too much. We can therefore say that in the world of betting, soft music implies a relaxation of the brain. It also relaxes the gamblers, slows their heart rate and pushes them not to take any risks. This is precisely what the operators usually try to avoid, because a player who does not take a risk is not worth much. It is also not very advisable in the case of games like poker where the trend is to the maximum concentration and the risk taking, and roulette where the atmosphere is at its peak and that each game takes place at an infernal rhythm. However, for games like bingo (and still it depends on the variant) or keno where all there is to do is choose your cards and wait, this kind of music is quite suitable.

The rhythmic music

rhythmic music if soft music lowers the heart rate of players and makes them take far less risks, rhythmic music does the opposite. Indeed, apart from the fact that it is generally more appreciated at large gatherings, soft music accelerates the heart rate and pushes gamblers in casinos to take more risk and bet more money. Some prominent personalities such as Dr. Doug Barret and psychologist Mark D. Griffiths have, moreover, examined the question, and their conclusion is without appeal, although they themselves were the first to recognize the somewhat relative aspect of the thing. Indeed, according to them, the tempo of the music usually imposes its rhythm on the current part. As a result, players tend to think faster and make decisions faster, and at the same time, the arousal effect that music produces on the brain also pushes the bettor to bet bigger. So you can say that with music on an online casino, betting becomes easier and much more exciting.