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Dora Lewis

Bizzare Music Facts

Top Weirdest Artists in Music History

Stars can behave in ways that are inexplicable, sometimes childish, sometimes disturbing. Like Prince who came to blows with Sinead O’connor. The singer took over the song “Nothing compares to you”, written by Prince. In a discussion about song Rights, Prince lost control and started punching the Irish singer. But Prince isn’t the only one with weird reactions among the stars.

  • Ozzy Osbourne

The strange Ozzy Osbourne likes to shock. And for that, he’ll do anything. Even putting half a dove in your mouth. When you know that he has already beheaded a bat with his teeth, you are not surprised at anything!

  • Santana

Some rappers feel they owe their success to God. Carlos Santana, on the other hand, thinks that it is a higher entity, called Metatron, that wrote his albums. For the guitar virtuoso, his success would not have happened without this famous Metatron.

  • Serge Gainsbourg

The French singer did a lot of things that were shocking. But it was the song “Lemon Incest” that made the most of Serge Gainsbourg. And especially his music video, where Serge Gainsbourg is in bed with his daughter, Charlotte Gainsbourg.

  • Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston travelled to Israel to find inspiration to write her Christmas caroling album. The singer joined a religious cult called The “Black Hebrews”. Funny place to find inspiration for a Christmas album!

  • Phil Spector

Yes, Phil Spector coldly killed his girlfriend ten years ago. But the producer wasn’t in his first madness. Let’s not forget that he threatened Leonard Cohen with a gun to his head, or that he kidnapped the Ramones and forced them to sing the same song until 4: 30 in the morning!

  • Keith Richards

The story of the famous Rolling Stones is full of Legends. Like the one about the rocker getting all his blood transfused in Switzerland. Another says that Keith Richards, a drug addict for many years, snorted his father’s Ashes.

  • Pete Doherty

If The Libertines have forgotten the resentments of the past, the singer still has a full story. When the band decided to break up, Pete Doherty showed his sidekick Carl Barat all the colors. Until he went to rob his apartment and unburden him with musical instruments and other valuables.

  • Britney Spears

At the height of her fame, Spears suddenly fainted. After her break-up with Justin Timberlake, the singer had gone rogue in her relationship with Kevin Federline. Already the mother of two children, Spears publicly freaked out in 2008 when she shaved her head, ran away and attacked a car with an umbrella. Since then, she’s been in psychiatry and everything is going well.

  • Michael Jackson

Living with a chimpanzee, sleeping in an oxygen tank, building an amusement park on his property, buying Elephant Man’s bones, doing a full face job,.. The list is long and Michael Jackson is more than likely the most bizarre star on the planet.