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Best Casino Background Music Recommended by Phil Lassiter


Cool and Underappreciated Background Casino Music that I Often Hear

Do you know where I love to chill out after a gig in downtown? I love going to a small casino and listen to aspiring jazz musicians. Sometimes, you can discover amazing talent by simply visiting a place like this one and see what the background music in the casino can do for you.

I will be talking about music. It is connected to everything in our world. People love rhythm and harmony meaning that music is the most perfect accompaniment to everything that humans do in their day-to-day lives. So let’s talk about music and especially jazz!

Get to Know Philip Lassiter

My name is Philip Lassiter. I’ve been playing jazz and boogie woogie my whole life. My primary instrument is piano but I also like sax. Not good at it, sadly. Philip Lassiter is not a big household name and you won’t find my singles or albums, but I do record my performances from time to time and post it to Soundcloud. Nothing fancy.

I consider myself an eternal student. Oh yes, Phil Lassiter has been studying his whole life and played in a couple of bands. One of guys who I played with in a band told me that Philip Lassiter is not a name for a big star. Well, fortunately, I never wanted to be one. I love playing jazz and boogie. I’m not a perfectionist and just enjoy my trade.

What I want to do is talk about jazz and discuss how it changed over time. I think that the genre has future despite quantization and synchronization as well as auto-tune. In the age of computerized everything, true masters of their craft will shine even brighter. Maybe, you will even hear about Phil Lassiter sometime soon!

The Best Jazz and Lounge Music

There are many great tracks that are perfect for relaxation. I want to talk about a couple of them. Lounge music can be rhythmic and uplifting as well as melancholic and slow-paced. I think the most important part is lyrics. Words should be incorporated in the flow of the arrangement. Especially, if the music is played in a background of a casino or a restaurant. This background music is great in any online casino as well! It’s like a nice sounding casino “bonus!” Here are several examples from Phil Lassiter:

Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson as performed by Bruno Mars. The song is so popular that it has its very own Uptown Funk wiki page. Yes, you can search “Uptown Funk Wiki” and find multiple pages of several resources including Wikipedia. This single is definitely a big thing in the modern culture. Ronson wrote the song, but recording was a big issue. Together with Mars, he was looking for something special. The Dap-Kings (a Daptone’s band) and Antibalas (an afro-beat band from Harlem, New York) did a tremendous job performing trumpets and drum parts for the song.

If you want to learn how to play uptown funk music on trumpet, here is a great video from Dr. Selfridge, a famous YouTuber. Phil Lassiter recommends it for your playlist!

In the Mood by Glen Miller. Glen Miller and his band recorded the song in 1939. It was one of the biggest hits of the decade featured in multiple Hollywood films. One of the best things about this particular track is that the motive is eternal. It is a staple choice for many TV shows and casino lounges all across the globe.

If you want to learn how to play In the Mood on sax, here is a cool short guide from McGil on YouTube.

Most Popular Residence Performers

Sadly, jazz and boogie are less entertaining to modern crowds, but you still can hear some good music in specialized bars and casinos. If you go to a casino in Las Vegas, you will 100% hear a good performer on stage playing in the background music for the guests. If you play in an online casino, you can hear these songs too. It’s great to listen to relaxing music while spending a hefty casino bonus.

Rhythmic music performed live is something that usually distracts people, but not when it is jazz playing in the background. Calming and relaxing music in the background are the perfect accompaniment for casino games. Let’s talk about some people who perform in USA casinos and bars.

  • Wayne Newton. This guy is a legend in Las Vegas. I actually listened to him live at least 4-5 times. He is a great singer. I don’t know whether he is still performing, but he was a big household name back in the day. You can read about him more on Wikipedia.
  • Donny & Marie. This iconic duo has been headlining different events in Las Vegas since 2004. I love some of their songs. They are great entertainers who always deliver the best live shows. Sadly, their latest show in Las Vegas was canceled. They planned to perform in arguably the best casino in Vegas — Flamingo.

That’s it from Phil Lassiter for now! Tell me what you want to know about jazz and famous jazz performers.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]